Young Piikani girl takes first place at the Blackfoot Youth Forum in February for her artwork that was created in honour of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous women.

Paige Black Kettle – Yellow Horn, Matsisiitsi Kakiikwan (Pretty Blackfoot Girl) had an early interest in art, where she desired to become a tattoo artist.

She started off by drawing anime characters, but being constantly surrounded by the Blackfoot culture at her school she expanded her artwork into Indigenous themes.

That ultimately led her to createpaige the piece that won first place in Siksika last February.

Black Kettle – Yellow Horn’s other paintings have also been giving as gifts to presenters by Piikani Nation Secondary School a youth gathering in 2017.

Black Kettle – Yellow Horn has dreams of turning her hobby into a career. Some of her interests included an art therapist or an art teacher, but she hasn’t decided yet.

Right now her main focus is school and concentrating on her High School Diploma.

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