Aakom-Kiyii Health Services offers physical activity classes for the public.

File Photo from the 2018 Aakom-Kiyii Health Services Health Fair. Photo by Tawnya Plain Eagle.
By Tawnya Plain Eagle

Aakom-Kiyii Health Services took a different approach to the style of physical activity classes they're offering this fall. 

Every day of the week until December, three new classes are offered to motivate individuals to live healthier life styles. 

On Tuesday’s, Tai Chi, a movement class, is held for people who are interested in slower meditation-like classes. 

Wednesdays and Fridays, Austin Crow Shoe, Health Educator for Aakom-Kiyii Health Services hosts a boot camp for people who take a higher approach to physical activity. 

While on Thursday’s, Lee Main, a certified jujitsu trainer hosts a self defence class. 

“We were hearing from the community that we weren’t offering any physical activity programs,” Dietitian, Jenny Egilsson said.

These are programs that are tailored for people who may suffer from chronic illness’s like heart disease and diabetes. 

“All of our programs you can come to if you are 20 or if you 60,” she added. 

Physical activity classes will run until the beginning of December during the noon hour at the community hall and hockey arena. 

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