ANNOUNCEMENT: Diversion Weir Rehabilitation Project 2018 – 2019

The Lethbridge Northern Headworks is located within Piikani Nation reserve and the weir requires repair. The repair work is planned for 2018 and 2019. Photo Courtesy of Lethbridge Northern Headworks

The Lethbridge Northern Headworks is located within Piikani Nation reserve and the weir requires repair.
The repair work is planned for 2018 and 2019.
The weir was constructed in 1923 and had major repairs done in 1982. Since then, there were significant floods in 1995 and 2013. The weir was severely damaged in the 2013 flooding and the ability of the weir to divert water into the Irrigation District Main Canal was reduced.
Alberta Transportation, with assistance from its consultant- Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions, inspected the weir in the fall of 2017, have designed the necessary repairs, and will hire a contractor to undertake the repairs beginning in July 2018.
Work at the site will continue until approximately June 2019.
Temporary gravel dams will be built across portions of the river both upstream and downstream of the weir to divert the river and create a dry area around most of the weir.
River flow will be maintained between two sets of piers on the right side of the weir.
The other portions of the weir will be removed and replaced with a new weir.
The concrete slabs that are upstream and downstream of the weir will be modified and a new layer of concrete will be placed over all of the slab surfaces.
Also, a new boom will be installed to prevent floating materials from entering the canal and a new fish passage will be added to the weir.
There are plans to protect the fish in the Oldman River during the construction and the new fish passage will make it easier for fish to move over the weir.
When the weir construction is finished, the temporary gravel dams will be removed before the 2019 irrigation season.
Alberta Transportation will hire a contractor in June 2018 to do the planned work.
There will be employment opportunities for Piikani Nation workers with the contractor for the project. Some of the needed gravels could be obtained from the Piikani Resources Development Ltd. commercial pit.
Construction equipment and trucks will travel to the work site from the north and west by Highway 785, Range Road 280A, and the road leading to the west side of the bridge over the weir on the West Dike of the LNH.
No public access will be allowed on the West Dike or the bridge during Project construction.
The east access to the weir and bridge from Range Road 272 (north of Highway 3) will also be closed during construction.
At the end of the project, the road on the West Dike will be improved by adding gravel and grading. There will be no changes made to the bridge over the weir.
Alberta Transportation and Wood discussed the project with Chief and Council on April 3rd, 2018 and are discussing project details with Piikani Departments.
For further information, please contact Piikani Resource Development or send an email to

In keeping with the Piikani Water Bylaw, Alberta Transportation and the Piikani Nation would like to know if you have any comments, concerns or objections to the project.  If you have any concerns or wish to file a statement of objection, please do so by June 13, 2018.  Concerns or objections should be emailed to Alberta Transportation through their consultant (Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions) at or provided to Piikani Resource Development.  Comments, questions and requests for further information can be submitted at any time during the project to Piikani Resource Development or via email to

Alberta Transportation and Wood have, and will continue to, discuss the project with Chief and Council and the Piikani Departments. Regular project updates will be provided to Piikani members through the Piikani magazine.

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