ANNOUNCEMENT: New cemetery mapping project for Piikani.

File picture of the Piikani Nation. Photo by Robin Lee Twigg.

Piikani Nation Lands Department is in the early planning stages for a new Cemetery Mapping Project.

Working with the nations new Community Comprehensive Plan, summer students Hayley Grier-Stewart and Carleigh Grier-Stewart will be holding information session every other Wednesday for individuals that are willing to volunteer information on their family history including First Name, Last Name, date of birth, Date of death, and Location.

“Our goal is to improve the cemetery system through locating unmarked graves/burial sites for historical documentation,” read the Cemetery Mapping Project Poster.

According to summer student Hayley, durable nameplates are being donated by the Piikani Nation Lands Department to work together towards locating and protecting historical information on burial sites.

In the future, Piikani Nation Burial Sites wishes to map other cemeteries located in Piikani and are open to meeting with people in an effort to find and protect traditional burial sites of the Blackfoot people.

All information acquired by this project will be made available to the people of Piikani through various departments including Piikani Lands Department, Piikani Resource Development LTD, Piikani Public Works, and Traditional Knowledge Services upon project completion.

If you have any information regarding burial sites within the townsite cemetery please email our project contact at

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