Blackfoot Stories with Miinipooka

In this recording of Blackfoot Elder Miinipooka, Peter Weasel Moccasin shares stories his late father told him as a young boy; his father would tell him and his siblings these stories in the winter nights as bedtime stories. Along with sharing stories from other various elders in the community.

"I was fortunate enough to listen to them," says Miinipooka. " At that time, they were all told to me in the language, in our language."

These were the legends they talked about; many of the stories had humour in them but were lessons for the future. Through these teachings, Miinipooka gained a traditional way of knowing. He never envisioned passing on those lessons.

"My dad reached 102 years old," says Miinipooka. "He reminded me before he passed away, he said, 'my son, remember those stories we shared with you. You will be able to share that in the future with people in the community. aspectually the young people.'

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