Community environment workshop prompts tree planting day in Piikani.

Participants listening to teachings from Elder Margaret Plain Eagle on July 27.

A community tree planting program is set to take this month.

In July, Piikani Lands Department partnered with Sustainable Resources to host a workshop to identify different environmental resources that can help the nation move towards a healthier ecosystem.

Noreen Plain Eagle, lands manager for Piikani Lands Department said the first initiative will participate in the planting of trees at the Crowlodge Park.

“The workshop was intended to share best practices and resources that

would be beneficial to the Piikani Nation,” said Plain Eagle.

Sustainable Resources is a non-profit organization that focuses its efforts on maintaining healthy environmental conditions around the province.

Rayliegh Conley, watershed program director for sustainable resources, says the overall theme of their workshops are watershed health and climate change.

She added that the workshop explored the amount of Co2 and methane that is going into the atmosphere and how trees can reduce the amount of harmful chemicals that are in the air.

“We talked about why trees matter,” Conley said.

According to Plain Eagle, the Lands Department also presented on current projects such as the Rangeland Management Workshop and the proposed initiative for the Environmental Sustainability Community Plan.

“The workshop allowed the Lands Department to connect with a number of agencies that will be beneficial for projects that we are currently pursuing,” Plain Eagle Said.

The day also consisted of environmental teachings from Harley Bastien and a nature walk along Oldman River.

Tree planting at Crowlodge Park will take place on August 27.

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