High school graduate prepares for her career by attending Bold Eagle program.

Abigale Smith received one out of five Riversdale scholarships at her High school graduation. Photo by Tawnya Plain Eagle
By Courtland Fox

Abigail has known what her goals would be since she was a young girl. She dreams of pursuing a career as a RCMP officer in the future.

After graduating from high school on June 27, Abigail will be preparing to start the Bold Eagle program in July.

The decision to attend the Bold Eagle program this summer is a way she hopes to gain experience and opportunities for her future career path.

Abigail made sure she was ahead of time to apply for the program and met all requirements in hopes she would be a successful applicant.

The Bold Eagle program is one of three summer training programs run by the Canadian Armed Forces. Bold Eagle is for indigenous youth that combines military lifestyle with cultural awareness.

The program is six weeks long starting early July till late august.

During the program, participants will be trained and taught by military instructors and learn various subjects such as general military knowledge, weapons handling, navigation, first aid, and drill.

Abigail is excited for the opportunity to gain these skills and knowledge throughout the program.

She is prepared to become stronger as she trains.

Abigail hopes that the new environment will give her new experiences and connect with various peoples from different backgrounds.

Abigail went through a physical test for the screening which is what she will be doing every morning during the program.

She is confident in her endurance to successfully train and learn in the Bold Eagle program this summer.

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