How to apply for scholarships and what you need to know.

Infographic by Tawnya Plain Eagle
By Courtland Fox

Every school year, there is so much scholarship money that goes unclaimed because students don’t apply, don’t know how to find scholarships, or they think they’ll never get it so don’t bother.
In my first year at U of C in fall 2018, I was a full time mom juggling my mom duties and schoolwork for my bachelors of nursing and it was hard. I always worried about finances and paying my bills on time.
So, I began looking up scholarships and just applied to anything I could find. In December of 2018 I had gotten over $7500 in scholarship money that I didn’t have to pay back, and it meant not having to worry about money at all.
If you just take time out of the week to apply to any and all scholarships that you find, you can make over $15,000 in scholarship money.
Scholarships aren’t the only way to receive “free money”, Bursaries and awards aren’t about academics, just financial need, so if you apply and meet the requirements, you’ll automatically get the money.
The Alexander Rutherford awards are a good example of this. I have compiled a list of scholarships that are easy to apply for and the ones that require an essay aren’t over 500 words.
My biggest advice is that even if you don’t think you’ll get a scholarship, apply anyways because if not enough apply they choose out of who did apply and meet most of the requirements!

Scholarship, Awards, Bursaries List: – deadlines: Aug 1, Nov 1, Feb 1

Jordan’s Principle Scholarship ( – deadline: March 

TransCanada Indigenous Scholarships ( – deadline: April

TransAlta Indigenous Bursary Program ( – deadline: September 15

RBC Indigenous Awards – deadline: February 

Canada Post Awards for Indigenous Students ( – deadline: August 31

Atco Indigenous Education Awards Program ( – deadline: July

Alberta Blue Cross Indigenous Scholarships ( – deadline: January 

More Resources: (Indigenous Bursaries Search Tool)

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