June 12 COVID-19 update from Aakom-Kiyii Health Services.

Information provided by Aakom-Kiyii Health Services.

Disposable Masks will be Delivered to Nation Members starting Monday along with a new info package.

Stage 2 Relaunch starts today
For a list of what is included: https://www.alberta.ca/alberta-relaunch-strategy.aspx#stage2

Reminder of the AB Trace Together App: This app could be very important as Stage 2 brings more people into public spaces. You download this app on your phone and keep it running while you are in public. It will notify you if you have been in close contact with a person that tests positive for COVID-19 https://www.alberta.ca/ab-trace-together.aspx

New Map with Notifications for your RegionAlberta has created a new type of map for COVID-19. It classifies regions/towns as: 

  • Open: low level of risk, no restrictions in place. Less than 50 active cases per 100,000 people. 
  • Watch: the province is monitoring the risk and working with local governments and community leaders to address the possible need for additional health measures. This status has at least 10 active cases and more than 50 per 100, 000 people. 
  • Enhanced: risk levels require public health measures to control the spread
  • If you enter your email/phone number and region, you will be notified if your region changes to "watch" or "enhanced". It might also help you make decisions about where to visit. 
  • Right now, Cardston County/Kainai is the only region on Watch in AB. 
  • Here is the link: https://www.alberta.ca/maps/covid-19-status-map.htm
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