Mock disaster hosted for Piikani Nation Secondary Students.

Peigan Ambulance Services, Piikani RCMP, fire fighters and the school demonstrated a mock drinking and driving accidents for the high school students. Photo by Larry Burns.
By: Tawnya Plain Eagle

Peigan Ambulance Services teamed up with the Piikani RCMP and the Piikani firefighters to host a mock disaster for the high school students last week.

The mock disaster was put together to show the students the dangers of drinking and driving.

“It is important to show them the consequences this brings,” said Alison Dupuis, Supervisor Peigan Ambulance Services.

The event comes just before graduation  season, where the risk of drinking and driving may increase.

The Piikani RCMP were in attendance to speak about the possible charges faced if someone was caught driving under the influence.

The Peigan Indian REA was there to speak about the dangers existing a vehicle if a power line was involved.

“We want to keep them safe, keep the community face, and bring community awareness around drinking and driving,” Dupuis added.

During the presentation they also focused on the consequences of getting in a vehicle with someone who has been drinking and urged the students to report it.

“Everyone seemed to have taken the demonstration seriously and learned from it,” she said.

There may be another opportunity for a mock disaster however Dupuis said there is nothing confirmed yet.

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