New met tower measures windspeed for Piikani

Met Tower sits on the South East part of the reserve. Photo by Robin Lee Twigg.
By Robin Lee Twigg

On April 11 a 100-meter Met Tower was constructed and completed on the Piikani Nation located in the hay lease. The met tower is a free-standing tower that utilizes anemometers to measure windspeed.

The met tower is currently reporting in real time back to Piikani Resource Development Ltd the wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, temperature, relative humidity, and air density

The windspeeds that are being collected on the Piikani Nation is critical for determining the type of wind speeds, and the wind turbines that will be constructed for the Piikani Wind Farm.

The met tower will assist PRDL in maintaining its commitment to the development of our natural resources by providing vital data for the Nation and development of a wind farm on the Piikani Nation.


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