Peigan Board of Education honours individuals through poster campaign.

Honoured members after they received their poster as part of an inaugural poster campaign. Photo by Tawnya Plain Eagle
By Tawnya Plain Eagle

The Peigan Board of Education Poster Campaign and Pow Wow Celebration took place this evening at the Piikani Nation Secondary School Gymnasium. 

The purpose of this traditional pow wow is to recognize individuals from the Piikani Nation who have served the community with distinction.

“We wanted to honour individual who have made their mark in the world,” Committee member Maurice Many Fingers said. 

These Piikani Nation members are individuals that the elementary and secondary students of the Peigan Board of Education can look to as role models and idols who have paved the way for future success of current and future students.

The process of selection of these individuals was by a vote of all staff and board members of the Peigan Board of Education in 2019.

This poster campaign is to recognize, acknowledge and support these individuals to continue to do the great work they’ve done.

“This is an opportunity for those Individuals who recognized individuals to feel accomplished,” Many Fingers said. 

Photo by Tawnya Plain Eagle

Each honouree will be gifted with framed poster to be presented to the individual or family member at during the PBOE Traditional Pow Wow, each honouree will be recognized with an honour dance.

Posters will be distributed in the PBOE Schools and Classrooms for all students to view as role models, mentors, and distinguished individuals who have served the Peigan Board of Education and the Piikani Nation in the past, present and future.

Many Fingers said that each year the list will grow to continue to honour Piikani Members who are role models to the community. 

“Part of the challenge is that some of our students don’t really know the accomplishments of their fellow community members, this is an opportunity to inspire the students to follow suit.” 

Here is a list the honourees that the Peigan Board of Education will recognize as (10) outstanding individuals that have inspired the youth as members of the Piikani First Nation:

  • (late) Barnaby Provost
  • Karen Crowshoe
  • Cowboy Smithx
  • Tyrone Potts Jr.
  • (late) Brings Down The Sun
  • Colton Yellow Horn
  • Shirlee Crowshoe
  • Rachel Strikes With A Gun
  • Herman Many Guns
  • Macyn Morning Bull
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