Piikani entrepreneur hopes to bring equine assisted therapy to community.

Julia Yellow Wings and her horse Remi during her first information session Aug 28. Photo courtesy of Julia Yellow Wings
By Tawnya Plain Eagle

Peigan Ponokamiitatopii’s hosted its first public information session last week to introduce horse therapy.

Julia Yellow Wings, Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator for Peigan Ponokamiitatopii’s, hopes to share her love for horses with young women and girls through this equine assisted therapy.

This curriculum-based program will teach life skills, teamwork, empathy, communication through the horse’s highly intuitive abilities and their compassionate way of healing.

“Horses are always looking for a leader, if they don’t have a leader they will just walk away,” Yellow Wings said. 

This allows for Yellow Wings to observe how the individual is interacting with the horse. 

“So if you are communicating well the horse will tell me,” she said

This is done by reading the horses body language.

Equine assisted therapy offers a healing that is different from seeking professional therapy. 

By working with a team of people and a horse, Yellow Wings looks at the animal’s response to the individual, in return she will ask the client what worked in this experience and what could be improved. 

“Horses bring out the best in us,” she said. 

When Yellow Wings was training to become a facilitator, she explained how working with horses became therapeutic in a way that didn’t involve her opening up to talk about her feelings.

“This is a whole different aspect and a whole different perspective of working with people by getting them to bring out the best in themselves with a horse.” She said.  

When you are struggling with depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues, Yellow Wings says that you tend to hold your emotions in. 

“At the end of the day, horses will make you feel at ease.” 

Yellow Wings believes that this program will help woman make decisions that will influence their in lives in a positive way.

She hopes this will help woman learn better communication skills. 

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