Piikani Nation Flag flown at full-mast for Fathers Day.

Peter Strikes With a Gun blessing the roses before being placed under the flag. Photo by Tawnya Plain Eagle.
By Tawnya Plain Eagle

The Piikani Nation Flag was raised at full-mast in honour of the fathers who have passed away.

On June 17, Peigan Prevention and Counselling Services held a memorial ceremony at the community hall, where community members were given the opportunity to lay flowers down under the flag.

The intent to raise the flag at full-mast was to bring back positivity when the Piikani Nation Flag is risen.

Community members laying flowers underneath the flag in memory of fathers who have passed away. Photo by Tawnya Plain Eagle.

Elder Peter Strikes With A Gun can recall a time when the community and people were very self-sufficient.

“We really have to target the area where this pain is because that is where we can begin to understand how trust and comfort will start bring back that feeling [of relatability].” Strikes With A Gun said.

He adds this was lost when our people fell victim to the social impact of residential school and sixties scoop, in which took away our ability to speak our language fluently.

“We need to bring our roots back to our community and that may start with raising the flag at full-mast,” he added.

During the service, Peter Strikes With A Gun along with Sylvester and Christopher No Chief sang gospel music, while Pastor Mel and Father Roy preached and blessed the crowd.

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