Piikani Nation passes new animal by-law.

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The Piikani Nation Chief and Council is pleased to announce that it has adopted the Piikani Nation Animal By-law (long name being the Animal Control and Protection By-law, 2020), which applies to all Piikani Nation reserve lands. This law is now in full force and effect.

Chief and Council acknowledge the important role that animals play to our Nation, with dogs in particular having a long-standing place of significance within our culture and traditions. Accordingly, Chief and Council have adopted the new Piikani Nation Animal By-law to protect the welfare of animals and to provide for the safety and well-being of residents and others on our reserve lands.

Key provisions of the new Piikani Nation Animal By-law include the following:
 Who is responsible? A person who owns, is in possession of, has the care and control, or is keeping, harboring, or sheltering an animal

Limits on Dogs?

Maximum four dogs over the age of 4months per household.

Where there are 2 or more dogs: cages must be big enough, and diseased and aggressive animals must be kept separate

Spraying / Neutering? Each dog owner must ensure that the dog is spayed or neutered as soon as reasonably possible (maximum 2 years from date of ownership)

Breeders? Breeders must apply for and obtain a license to breed animals on our reserve lands from the Piikani Nation Land Department

Specific Requirements? Various requirements to protect people and animals, including: No barking for 30+minutes (or 10+minutes at night) in the Townsite of Brocket.
o Dogs may not trespass on private property
o Dogs may. not aggressively pursue. or harass persons/vehicle. or domestic animal 
o Dog excrement must be immediately removed from public places.
o Dogs in heat must be kept secured/enclosed
o General care. requirements set out in Part 9 of theBy-law.

Special measures for aggressive / dangerous animals? Part 8 of the By-law sets out specific requirements for aggressive and dangerous dogs. Part 13 sets out provisions for the destruction of Dangerous Animals (i.e., animals that have killed or seriously injured others).

Seizure and Impoundment? The Animal Control Officer may seize and impound dogs that are acting contrary to the By-law, or animals kept in conditions contrary to the By-law. The By-law also contemplates adoption of impounded animals.

The full by-law is posted on the following website: http://www.piikaninationlandsdepartment.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Animal-Control-Bylaw-1.pdf?fbclid=IwAR20MAGSmu7qPu_Ok3ammzSjSte9tHIQlKUNRqn72YKFKgNXmEhUWEs3gzY

Any questions regarding this new By-law can be directed to the Piikani Nation Lands Manager, Noreen Plain Eagle, at (403) 965-3807 or noreen.pe@piikanination.com.

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