Piikani Nation RCMP unveil new community crime mapping project.

Photo Courtesy of Piikani Nation.
By Tawnya Plain Eagle
With files from Robin Lee Twigg

Piikani Nation RCMP is introducing their new Public Facing Crime Mapping Project.

Crime mapping helps law enforcement management make better decisions, target resources, and formulate strategies.

Those include crime reduction, Intelligence-led policing, problem-oriented policing, and assist in Community Policing.

"Piikani Nation members can access the map and view general Crime Areas," Detachment Commander Ray Starzynski said.

Information and data collected through the RCMP PROS database will be reflected on the map. Those areas include theft from motor vehicle, theft of motor vehicle, break & enter, mischief, and missing persons

Emergency situations will be identified with a “Red Flag” and a special message will be attached.

These flags will be used only in emergency situations and for a short period of time.

Events such as a school lock-down, train derailment, evacuation, unfolding dangerous Situations, etc. will be attached to the flag.

In the event of a stolen vehicle; license plate number and a photo will be attached to the occurrence.

Starzynski added that plotted addresses are on the map are not exact but rather nearby intersections.

Incidents that occur in that detachment area will have a date for public reference.

Piikani Nation Members can access the Maps by visiting www.piikanination.com

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