Piikani Nation Secondary School and Napi’s Elementary school host’Piikani Days’

PNSS and NPES students gather for the opening ceremony with a round dance. Photo by Mariah Grier

Edited by Jared Wolf Child

BROCKET, AB - Piikani Schools hosted a Piikani cultural awareness week for students.

Kalia Mcdougall demonstrating Jiggle Dance. Photo by Mariah Grier

Piikani students learned how to make bracelets with rawhide, pow wow dancing, hand games, played traditional games, Blackfoot Jeopardy and were told stories about Piikani’ History.

Students also went on field trips around the nation, visiting traditional sites such as Brings Down the Sun and Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump.

Jaron Weasel Bear demonstrating the Grass Dance. Photo by Mariah Grier
Joanne Yellow Horn sang 'Head and Shoulders' nursery rhyme in Blackfoot to students. Photo by Mariah Grier.
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