Piikani Nation to begin major search into unmarked graves.

By Tawnya Plain Eagle

The Piikani Nation in southern Alberta has initiated a major project to investigate numerous former residential schools, and other sites on the Nation, for the existence of the unmarked graves of residential school attendees.  

“It is known that there were four residential schools at Piikani, but there could be additional grave sites as well,” according to statement released by Piikani Nation administration.

 “This will not be an easy task.  We don’t know what we’ll find.  But we will do it - and do it right. That’s why we set up a working group to manage the various parts of this investigation.” Said Carolyn Small legs, project lead.

The working group that consists of Piikani Lands, Piikani Consultation, Piikani Prevention and Counselling Services, Piikani Administration and members of Chief and Council along with elders and youth will work with SNC Lavalin to conduct the ground radar.

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