Piikani Princess Pageant 2022

On July 28th, Piikani got three new princesses, Persephone Yellow Wings became our new Little Miss Piikani, Paisley North Peigan is the Jr Miss Piikani, and Larenn Cross Child is our Senior Miss Piikani. Each princess gave a speech, showcased a talent of theirs, and demonstrated a dance for the judges. Each princess was so very humble and showed great respect for their fellow contestants and the Judges. Each was very proud to be crowned and eagerly represented Piikani at the Annual Celebrations.

Little Miss Piikani, Persephone Yellow Wings had only positive things to say, finding the pageant very good, "It was a good experience." she said.

9 year old Paisley North Peigan was crowned our Junior Miss Piikani, when asked about the pageant she said, "I enjoyed it, my favorite part was dancing."

Larenn Cross Child, our 17 year old Senior Miss Piikani, said this, “It was good. Pretty nerve-wracking though. I felt nervous, you know, I’m surprised because everyone did so amazing.”

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