Piikani Resource Development Ltd. and MNP to provide Economic Impact Assessment for the Piikani Nation.

Photo Courtesy of Piikani Nation.

The Piikani Nation would like to analyze the nature and impact of how the nation spends funds to support economic development initiatives within our community and the surrounding areas.

An economic impact study traces spending through an economy and measures the cumulative outcomes of those findings.

The assessment needs Piikani nation members, both employed and unemployed, to participate in a survey to ensure the results of this study are reliable.

Economic impacts are factors that will affect the level of positive or negative economic activity in the community, which may affect the economic well-being of the residents in the nation.

Assessments usually generate an estimate of the economic consequences of projects, initiatives and business’ may have on the local economy.

What Piikani wants to achieve from this study is identifying, describing and quantifying the economic benefits associated with the spending done by Piikani Nation.

This study will also create awareness of the significance of the Piikani Nation has on the communities that the members support on a daily basis.

The study will also look at ways to support the development opportunities based on patterns and volumes.

The results of this assessment will create greater collaboration opportunities from key stake holders and partnerships from nearby municipalities, government bodies and private sectors.

The study will also provide Chief and Council with a document that can be used to ensure the nation is properly represented in critical meetings and initiatives that impact the nation.

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