Piikani Resource Development Ltd. expands on current Solar Panel Project.

PRDL File Photo from phase one of the Solar Panel Project in 2015. Courtesy of Robin Lee Twigg.
by Robin Lee Twigg

Piikani Resource Development Ltd. is pleased to announce the expansion of an additional 192 solar panels on the building, to maximize the green energy production for an additional 65.28 kW.

This expansion could provide a savings to the PRDL building, which is home to the Piikani Tsi Nii Ka Sin, Peigan Indian R.E.A, Piikani Investment Corporation and Peigan Crowlodge Elders Society. Coinciding with PRDL’s mission: By recognizing and interpreting our Piikani protocols into today’s best business practices, we will both reinforce our Piikani ways and create sustainable resource base for future generations.

The expansion was made available through the Alberta Indigenous Solar Program (AISP) and in partnership with Riteline Power Systems Generators and Solar which is a division of Riteline Electric Ltd. in Pincher Creek.

This expansion increases the success of Piikani Nation’s renewable energy projects and creating a cleaner environment, while reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions and providing training and employment opportunities for individuals who seek solar installation as career.

Benefits of continuing and growing the solar energy on the nation are endless and mainly for the clean environment, solar energy is easily accessible, causes less electricity loss, solar power is a free source of energy

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