Piikani Testing centre urges community to continue testing despite province lifting social distancing restrictions.

By Tawnya Plain Eagle

Piikani Nation Covid-19 testing centre urges community members to continue with testing despite the many social distancing restrictions being lifted. 

“Unfortunately, there are still active cases in Alberta,” said COVID-19 response team lead Tim (TC) Wells. 

“It only takes one positive case to ripple through the community,” he added.

 As of July 10, Piikani Nation has no active cases, however Wells says the risk to contract the virus is high considering many people still travel to places with active cases.  

Wells suggests that people should continue to avoid non-essential travel to places with active cases. 

In an effort to track a positive case should it arrive on the nation, the Covid-19 response team has developed a mobile testing unit that travels to every house on the nation. 

“Our ultimate goal is to catch the virus the moment it arrives to the Piikani Nation,” Wells said.

Margaret Potts, head of the mobile testing unit, said this It helps give people a piece of mind, knowing they’re negative. 

“We are also giving the individuals that don’t have the accessibility the chance to get tested,” she said. 

This mobile testing will also increase the chances of preventing a spread if the virus does make its way on the nation.  

As of June 25, the Aakom-Kiyii Health Services COVID-19 response team has completed 746 tests. 

The testing centre and mobile unit will continue with tests until a vaccine is available. 

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