Piikani woman turns art into a full-time career.

Photo by Tawnya Plain Eagle.
By Tawnya Plain Eagle

Kristy North Peigan always had an eye for artwork since she learned how to hold a pencil.

She learned what she could do through doodling on scrap pieces of paper with coloured pens that she can find.

“It was a form of escapism, it gave me an outlet to express myself,” she said.

Being raised by her mom, living in the city and not having the money to join extracurricular activities, playing video games and reading comic books kept her busy.

North Peigan admits that most of her time was spent inside reading books and playing video games.

Characters like Harry Potter and other fandom characters became a major inspiration to what North Peigan would eventually pull from as an adult.

North Peigan graduated from Alberta College of Arts and Design receiving her Bachelors of Design in Illustration.

“It was always a given, I was going to go to art school in some way,” North Peigan said.

She currently works in Calgary has a freelance artist.

However, that shift to becoming self-employed was not easy for her.

It has only been a couple of months since she made the transition and says one of the challenges is managing her time.

“It is a lot more than I initially anticipated,” she said.

Growing up she said their financial situation was tough.

That paranoia became a reason for her to work hard and make sure she wasn’t struggling as an adult.

“I was taking so much time working for jobs that didn’t even mean anything to me,” she admits.

Now she finally feels as though she could be a full-time artist, content with what she is doing.

“There is no one way to be an artist,” she said.

As a freelance artist, North Peigan produces work that lands In various art show around the city.

Photo courtesy of Kristy North Peigan. A sample of cultural splicing from Kristy North Peigan's collection.

More recently she has been cultural splicing a lot of her work and showcasing them at different comic expos in western Canada.

Cultural splicing is when traditional native style of art mixed with a contemporary pop culture style.

“It’s what I’ve been wanting to explore more, people are so interested in it,” she said.

She also illustrates book covers and logos for different clients in the Calgary.

You can find her personal store at behance.net/kristynp. 


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