Piikani Prevent Counselling services help prepare students for back-to-school with free haircuts

Part-time Hairstylist Melody Iron Shirt giving Winter Buffalo a trim. Photo by Jared Wolf Child

BROCKET, AB – On Aug 25, 2022, Peigan Prevention Counselling Services (PPCS) opened its doors to help students with free haircuts as they prepare to return to school.

“This event came up from our staff collectively,” Robert Provost, Administrative Assistant for PPCS, said during the event. “We thought about our community and a lot of us having children, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren. The cost of getting ready and making sure everyone’s ready to go back to school.”

Piikani youth, Jody Warrior, Robert Provost, and Melody Iron Shirt posing for a picture.

For some families, it is often a luxury to get a haircut.

The free haircutting event was also offered to community members to build confidence.

Daniel Crowshoe getting his haircut. Photo by Jared Wolf Child

“We decided to just open it up to everybody coming in, offering that self-care to families,” said Provost. “That self-care is important. It’s part of treating yourself and it helps you know yourself.”

Piikani has a lot of great hairstylists with not many people knowing that. PPCS brought in four hair stylists, Melody Iron Shirt, Jody Warrior, Kurenzee Yellow Face and David North Peigan. During the pandemic, salons were shut down and many hairstylists were out of work.

“The fear of allowing someone into your house just to cut hair, to make money, was taking a big risk. This really helped the community, and hairstylists with getting them clientele.”

David North Peigan giving a haircut. Photo by Jared Wolf Child

Some nation members believe that Piikani should always have these types of events to give back to the community.

“After the COVID-19 Pandemic, I noticed that when they started having activities, a lot of people did come out and I could see the excitement of seeing friends again,” said community member, Christina Bad Eagle. “Family and people connecting again.”

Kurenzee Yellow Face cutting Christina Bad Eagle's hair.
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