Piikani Lands Department introduces new pet program to residents on Oct 3.

Stock photo. Courtesy of Pexel
By Tawnya Plain Eagle
EDITORS NOTE* We have added additional information to this article previously published on Sept 29. The information added is to better clarify the new pet program.

Volunteers from Prairie Pit Bull Rescue, Piikani Lands Department and Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) will be in community Saturday to discuss new animal bylaw.

The program is in partnership with Prairie Pit Bull Rescue and AARCS, is set begin on October 3 when they will be in your neighbourhood or campaign to discuss any options for unwanted pets in your home.

They will also use this opportunity to speak to you about the upcoming SNAP program that is available to your pets.

This will also help get a more accurate count of which animals are abandoned and which animals have a home on the nation. 

“For example, we don’t even know what kind of dogs are across the river, there could be some abandoned dogs across the river that we don’t know about – we just don’t want any dogs getting missed,” White Cow said

The Spay and Neuter assistance program will follow the direction of the new Dog Bylaw by protecting the safety and wellbeing of all individuals and dogs on the nation. 

“According to the Piikani Nation dog by law, people are only allowed four dogs per household,” White Cow said.

On Oct 17 the SNAP program will be made available for dogs or cats needing to be spayed or neutered.

“For the safety of the animals, we don’t want any dogs or cats to be starving or suffering, we also don’t want any animals harming people,” White Cow said. 

"We brought in a new Dog bylaw a few months ago and this is a great step forward in making sure your pets are accounted for." White Cow said.

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