STARS Air Ambulance Emergency Training

Floyd Provost and Gary Yellow Horn demonstrate landing zone hand signals. Photo by Mariah Grier

Edited by Jared Wolf Child

Peigan Public Works held a training before the May-long weekend in case of a motor vehicle collision (MVC). “Friday and Monday will be the busiest for traffic travelling on the highway. Friday, because people are in a hurry to get to where they’re going and Monday because they are trying to get home.” Floyd Provost stated during his presentation. Piikani RCMP, EMS, Security Services, Tsi Nii Ka Sin, Peigan Fire Department, and Peigan Board of Education attended.

Participants were shown how to respond to an MVC emergency involving an emergency landing for STARS Air Ambulance. Exercises included securing a landing zone, traffic control, communication, emergency shelter, and traffic re-routing.

Piikani’s emergency response plan is growing and recruiting new services such as security, communications utilizing the radio station and social media, and hands-on training and exercises with Piikani Public Works and Fire Department.

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