Tiny Home project creates unique opportunity for high school students.

High school students building a tiny home for elder Joyce Little Mustache. Photo courtesy of Piikani Nation Secondary School.

High school students from the Piikani Nation Secondary School are participating in a course that gives them the opportunity to construct a home for one member of the community.

Bertina Crow Shoe,  Finance technician for the Piikani Housing Authority said the Tiny Home Pilot Project was made possible through the Housing Through Education program.

“The Housing through Education Program helps Indigenous youth between 15-20 years of age get started in the trades, while they are still in high school by building a house for their First Nation community,” Crow Shoe Said.

The program gives the 13 students who are enrolled an opportunity to learn the trait through hands-on training in construction.

Included on the site is a trailer that functions as a classroom where students have access to classroom learning sessions.

Crystal Good Rider, Principal at the Piikani Nation Secondary School, said this opportunity supports the development and enhancement of skills required for employment.

“They include but not limited to communication skills, problem-solving and leadership skills while at the same time introducing Indigenous youth to construction industry career options,” Good Rider said.

She adds this particular program also goes towards credit for their high school diploma as well as a certificate for acquiring job site safety.

The single occupant unit is a one bedroom 758 sq. ft. house that is expected to be completed on later this month.

According to Piikani Nation Housing Authority, the house is the first of its kind in this particular area.

A grand opening of the tiny house is scheduled to be held on May 25.

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