Volunteers gather to clean up community.

Byrdie Loyer, Danielle One Owl, Terry Provost, and Dymples Stump cleaning syringes around townsite in Piikani. Photo by Tawnya Plain Eagle.

By Tawnya Plain Eagle

Volunteers from the community gathered this morning to participate in a needle clean-up around the community. 

The initiative was organized by Piikani Nation member Dymples Stump, after reports of needles spotted in common areas around the community.

“We as adults know not to touch it, but the kids and dogs don’t understand that,” Stump said. 

Which was why the needle clean-up was organized in the first place. 

Stump hopes this could be a monthly event that could encourage a clean and safe community. 

The participating volunteers cleaned up the townsite area, from sesame street to the hockey rink.

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