Wellness conference brings First Nation actress to Piikani.

Actress Michelle Thrush performing inner elder vignette during the healing the child within workshop. Photo courtesy of Karen English.

Healing the child within community workshop brings Indigenous actress, Michelle Thrush, to Piikani as she shares her personal story on the struggles she faced from the traumas of residential school.

The workshop focused on the idea that women bringing out their inner child is a way to heal from traumatic experiences they may have endured from colonization and residential school.

Karen English was part of the three-day workshop at the Crow Lodge multipurpose building.

“We invited our woman and warriors of the community to start talking about our inner child so we can be healthier in our community,” English said.

The conference started off by hearing English speak, with her grandma Louise and Wendy English on their stories that developed from their struggles with Intergenerational trauma.

Their presentation was followed by Elder Peter Strikes With a Gun and how his own experiences with colonialism helped shaped the elder he is today.

“When we heal our inner child, we actually heal our children too,” said English.

She hopes this conference will allow the community to move forward in a healthy way.

Thrush finished off the conference with her Inner Elder vignette, a one women performance inspired by her grandmother's journeys.

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