Wild Horse Crafts sees success on the Pow Wow Trail.

Bead work from Wild Horse Crafts. See more of their work on their Facebook account at Wild Horse Crafts. Photo Courtesy of Riley Yellow Wings.

The summer months are busy for this young couple, as their days are filled with countless orders from people across Indian Country requesting pow wow regalia.

Riley Yellow Wings and Victoria Bellgarde have grown up around the pow wow trail their entire lives.

Bellgarde, who is from Peepeekisis Cree Nation, has been dancing Jingle and ladies traditional for over twenty years.

Riley Yellow Wings, Victoria Bellegarde (owners of Wild Horse Crafts) and their two children Jacob and Persephone. Photo courtesy of Riley Yellow Wings.

While Yellow Wings, from the Piikani Nation, was dancing when he was young and eventually learned how to drum and sing as he got older.

Both Yellow Wings and Bellgarde found themselves fully involved in the pow wow community and now pass that lifestyle to their two children.

“We have both of our children active in the powwow community,” Yellow Wings said.

“As a family, we live a clean lifestyle practising our culture and teaching our children this way of life.”

Fast forward into their adult lives the couple has started their own business, Wild Horse Crafts, that specialize in pow wow regalia.

Some of the handcrafted regalias include beadwork, quillwork, parfleche, bustles, leatherwork and applique.

It has been three years since the pair has started their own shop and Yellow Wings admits “the shock and awe each happy customer has” after receiving their order makes the work worthwhile.

When some of their clients have custom orders they’ll usually bring in their own family and ancestral ties into their designs.

However when it comes to their own creativity a lot of their inspirations are from the nature that surrounds them.

“As an artist we draw inspiration from the world around us, everything in nature has its own beauty, we harness that and input it towards our work,”

Their inspiration also comes from their own two children.

“As for our personal designs, one piece may represent our son and another may represent our daughter,”

Yellow Wings added that Wild Horse Crafts have recently started a fashion line.

The pair has begun sewing together jackets, bags and purses, formal dresses that resemble Pendleton designs.

Pendleton Jackets designed by Wild Horse Crafts. Photo Courtesy of Riley Yellow Wings.

The couple has also provided a few wedding parties with formal wear.

“Our future goals include being worldwide as well as having retailers selling wild horse Crafts designs,” he said.

While facing many obstacles along their journey, Yellow Wings knows that success can’t be built overnight.

“Start with a solid plan, make goals, when it all boils down you have to be patient.”

You can find Wild Horse Crafts, on Facebook or by email at rileybywings@gmail.com.

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